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How Much of Your Yellow Pages Spending is Wasted?

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yellow_pages_advertising_cover_bkGetting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising: Maximum Profits at Minimum Cost

“Barry Maher has helped thousands of businesses get the most cost effective Yellow Pages advertising possible. Easily the most respected consultant, speaker and writer on the subject.”


      The completely updated 2006 edition of Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising is packed with money-saving and money-making ideas, all based on the latest research. Maher provides expert answers to all the questions Yellow Pages advertisers ask—and  to those they never ask but should. 


What directories (print and Internet) should I be in?

How much should I be spending?

What kind of ads should I have?

How big should that ads be?

What headings should I be under?

How important is ad placement? What about color? How can I make cheaper ads work for me? I can I be sure my Yellow Pages ads are working?

Plus Maher provides with a complete step by step program for developing ads that get the call—even when surrounded by page after page of ads all selling the same thing.

“An indispensable guide for any Yellow Pages advertiser . . . Achieve maximum results with minimum expense.”
    —American Management Association

“[Packed] with cost cutting tips . . . a super resource, the bible of Yellow Pages advertising”
__Save Your Business a Bundle: 202 Ways to Cut Costs and Boost Profits Now by Daniel Kehrer, Simon & Schuster 

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 “Move over Stephen Covey—the country’s next superstar business guru just may come from the world of Yellow Pages . . . Barry Maher.”

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