The Yellow Pages Workshop

Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising:
The Workshop


More than 5 million businesses advertise in print and online Yellow Pages. Many are spending a small fortune: with little or no solid, reliable information to guide them. Not surprisingly, studies show that far too much of that spending is wasted. But your next meeting or convention can change all that.

 Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising is a presentation packed with money-saving and money-making ideas, all based on the latest research. Barry Maher provides expert answers to all the questions Yellow Pages advertisers ask—and  to those they never ask but should.



What directories, print and Internet, should I be paying for?
How much should I be spending?
What kind of ads should I have?
How big should those ads be?
What headings should I be under?

How important is ad placement? What about color? How can I make cheaper ads work for me? How can I be sure my Yellow Pages ads are working?

Plus Maher provides with a complete step by step program for developing ads that get the call—even when surrounded by page after page of ads all selling the same thing.

“An indispensable guide for any Yellow Pages advertiser . . . Achieve maximum results with minimum expense.”
American Management Association

The book on which all this is based—Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising—has been called, “the bible of Yellow Pages advertising.” Maher’s workshops and keynotes have instructed and delighted audiences at some of the nation’s largest and most important conferences and conventions. He’s as entertaining as he is informative.

Mini Yellow Pages Consultations

Recently, we’ve also begun offering an additional program that’s proven enormously popular—a full day (or a half day) of mini-consultations. This allows attendees to bring their Yellow Pages programs to Maher individually for short but invaluable one-on-one consultations addressing their specific problems and concerns. The mini-consultation program is available as a stand-alone or can be booked conjunction with a keynote or workshop. So for one price you can get a workshop and a half-day of mini-consultations. It’s like booking two attractions without paying two full fees or two sets of expenses.

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