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Praise for Barry Maher’s Yellow Pages Expertise

yellow_pages_advertising_cover_bkFor Barry Maher’s book, Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising, click here.

“Help[s] lawyers everywhere practice more effectively and successfully.”
—American Bar Association

“The definitive word on the subject.”
—Home Office Computing magazine

“Barry Maher is widely considered the nation’s leading independent authority on Yellow Pages advertising”
—Simba Information, Inc.  (Publishers, Yellow Pages & Directory Report)

“Discover effective design, layout and copy writing techniques . . . Learn how to design an ad that will get YOUR business the call, even when surrounded by others ads selling the same product or service.”
—The Small Business Administration’s Success Symposium

“On behalf of the Directors of the Association and every member and guest . . . please accept our appreciation and congratulations for a superb presentation as [our] featured speaker. We heard nothing but complimentary words about your [keynote].”
Larry Angove, CEO, Association of Directory Publishers

“Businesses may be spending 25% of their gross [in the Yellow Pages] and be spread too thin, or they may be overspending at 1%. To make key decisions to best business advantage, an independent and authoritative perspective is crucial. Barry Maher, offers [just that].”
—Retailer News

“This is the best information there is and should answer your questions as well as save you lots of time and money.”
—Terry Johnson, President, Dial One

“Barry Maher’s information has helped me make my business the largest of its kind in the country . . .  [Last year my Yellow Pages ads generated] an average profit of $380 per customer. That’s over $133,000 in profit that I can directly attribute to using the Yellow Pages properly. Barry Maher’s books and ideas are a must have for any business owner.”
—Sam Beckford, Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance

“Maher takes the mystery out of Yellow Pages Advertising.  He tells you how to make it work and what to do when it doesn’t.  A great new resource for small businessmen.”
—Ray Schultz, Editor, Direct Marketing News

“The nation’s foremost authority on Yellow Pages advertising.”
Dealer Communicator

“The inside scoop on how to make your Yellow Pages advertising dollars pay off . . . Find out what the sales rep won’t tell you. Design an ad that really pulls.”
Business Opportunities Digest

“You’ll learn how to design an effective ad, keep score on your ad and deal with the sales people when they goof.”
—Rudolf Solomon, San Francisco Examiner

“Invaluable insights.”
Restaurant Management Today

“THIS GUY IS FOR REAL!  Anyone [who] listen to his ideas WILL GAIN!”
—Ben Caswell, owner Ben’s Transmission

“[Maher] has helped thousand of businesses turn their Yellow Pages into gold . . .  a complete, step by step program for developing Yellow Pages ads that get the call.”

“A comprehensive approach to planning and implementing a successful Yellow Pages advertising program.”

“Guides [business] on how  to get the best return from their Yellow Pages advertising . . . improve response, enhance profits.”

“Provides the stimulus to get your advertising in gear.”
—The Competitive Advantage

“Last year, American businesses spent $8 billion dollars of Yellow Pages advertising.  For many small businesses, it was their only form of advertising.  Yet many small business owners are unsure about how to get the most out of their Yellow Pages advertising.  To help them, Barry Maher . . .  [offers] a practical guide to Yellow Pages advertising . . . [providing] insights and advice for small business owner.”
Los Angeles Times

“[Packed] with cost cutting tips . . . a super resource.  [From the author of] the bible of Yellow Pages advertising”
__Save Your Business a Bundle: 202 Ways to Cut Costs and Boost Profits Now by Daniel Kehrer, Simon & Schuster

“An informative overview of the entire process, including evaluating and selecting the right Yellow Pages book, choosing the right ad size, determining how many ads to run, creating the ad likely to generate the most calls,, and dealing effectively with the phone company and sales reps.  He also offers guidance on tracking ads.”
—Professional Electronics

“A very valuable resource as I communicate with members of the American Rental Association on ways they can use the yellow pages most effectively.”
—Frederick Anderson, American Rental Association

“Practical advice on the complete process, from deciding whether to advertise at all to turning callers into customers . . . The advice is detailed and . . . should help improve the reader’s directory-buying decisions.”
—Fitness Management

“Anyone who has dealt with the Yellow Pages people would welcome the [information]. Wise ad people have said placing a substantial schedule in several phone books is only slightly more complicated than dealing with the U.S. Army.
—Des Moines Register

“The best yellow pages investment I’ve ever made, making every cent I’m spending on phone directory advertising the most effective it can possibly be.  Eliminating every bit of waste. I fully intend to recommend it to all my associates.  And none of my competition.”
—Dr. S.R. Pampalone, Chatsworth Dental Center

“Many useful tips . . . I am looking forward to getting more clients from yellow pages advertising and, at the same time, saving a great deal of money.”
—Vincent A. Lloyd,  Lloyd, Hoskins & Pierce

“[Maher’s book on Yellow Pages] is a “must read” for every entrepreneur and small business.”
—Midwest Review of Books

“Tremendous insight into Yellow Pages advertising.”
—Dr. Gregory S. Keller, Cosmetic Surgery Center

“An invaluable resource on getting the most bang per buck in advertising . . . [Maher] clears the way through the jungle of options and clearly delineates what is as well as what isn’t effective.  I recommend it wholeheartedly.”
—Michael Parker, President Parker Plumbing

“A complete guide to creating a results-oriented program for advertising in the Yellow Pages.  It’s got everything from how to write an effective ad to where, when, and even when not to advertise.”
—B. Dalton Bookstores

“Cash in on Yellow Pages advertising with [Barry Maher].”
—Pharmacy Newswire, NARD Journal