Strategic Sales Training


Customized Strategic Sales Training

“Barry Maher is among the most respected sales trainers in the world.”
   Sales and Marketing Insider

“Barry Maher is one of the world’s great sales people.  He can increase your sales.”
   American Management Association

“If there’s anyone who knows more about selling than Barry Maher, he should be stopped.”
   Tony Knight, former VP Operations, GTE

“As a person always on the lookout for something genuine and worthwhile, [Barry’s] words, creativity and success impressed me.  I feel that had I known of [him] before today, I would have been more successful in many of my previous opportunities.”    
   Michael Liebing, N. American Manager, Marketing & Sales, Mitsubishi

“When Barry Maher was hired as a consultant to our organization, our sales were anemic . . . Mr. Maher was able to come into our organization and immediately increase our sales . . . We still have exceptional sales as a result of Barry Maher’s consultations.
   John A. Henning, COO, Cameron Communications

“Brilliant consultation. The restructuring of our sales organization and national marketing plan . . . and the improvement in our presentation package and our merchandising materials in general [have] more than doubled the response rate we’ve been getting..”
Michael J. Leake, President, Dial 800
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