Selling Yourself vs Selling Yourself Out


By Barry Maher

I once asked a senior executive about the type of person he was seeking for a middle management opening. Midway through his response, he suddenly realized whom he was describing.

“I guess I’m looking for me,” he said with a laugh. “Only younger.”

If you’re seeking a promotion, you’re a good part of the way there if those who will be doing the promoting already perceive you as the type of person they’re seeking. Which usually means a type of person like themselves. That’s why there’s always such a temptation to pretend to be someone you’re not.

My suggestions?

Never act like the type of person you don’t want to be.

Never act like the type of person you do want to be.

Be the type of person you want to be.

Be the person you want to be.

Just be damn certain that person is the person you want to be. If that person isn’t you, isn’t an extension of you, isn’t really the person you’d like to become, then you need to find a way to succeed as the person you are and the person you would like to be. That’s called integrity.

How can you ever be successful by becoming someone you don’t want to be? Actually, isn’t the definition of failure?

To me, you succeed by becoming  and being the person you want to be. And finding a way to reach your goals as that person. It’s far easier to sell yourself to others when you believe in yourself. Sell yourself out, and you may find nobody—yourself included—believes in you. And you’ll never have the authority you need for true leadership.

We’ve already got too many supposed leaders in business and in the world in general that no one believes in.

Oct. 1, Las Vegas, Nevada

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