Selling Your Personal Brand

By Barry Maher

What is it that gives you an edge over peers? Is there a way you can use that to create a name for yourself, a personal brand, differentiating yourself from everyone else and making you stand out? Are you the most knowledgeable, the hardest working, the smartest, the most articulate, the best dressed, the most upbeat, the best motivator, the most reliable or simply the most well-rounded?

Position yourself, but cover all the other necessary bases too. Yes, you’re a great motivator—that’s what everyone thinks of when they think of you—but you can also do the nuts and bolts work it takes to get the job done.

What do you want people to think of when they think of you?

Sometimes it can be little more than a hook to make you more memorable, a way of distinguishing yourself from the faceless hordes surrounding you. In Winning Office Politics, Andrew DuBrin talks about a government bureaucrat, an ambitious economist named Terry who couldn’t seem to stand out as a member of that ultimate faceless horde. Then he stumbled across a book on remembering names and faces.

“Remembering the names of many people I came in contact with in my job became an intriguing game,” Terry said. “Gradually a number of people commented on [it] . . . My skill helped me phase into assignments that interfaced with people outside my department. My outside contacts led to a position with a much higher level GS rating that carried by the position of an entry-level economist. My career with the government had been launched because I finally found a way to stand out from the crowd.”

Depending upon your positioning, branding may directly increase your authority or it may simply make you more memorable—which, when you do produce, will increase your authority.

Of course, if you fail to produce, being more memorable simply means people won’t forget your poor performance.

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