Publisher and Ad Media Consultations

There are a host of vital services Barry Maher can perform for directory publishers, both print and electronic, as well as for companies that compete with directory publishers and need to understand the industry.

    The following is from the introduction to the interview with Barry Maher originally published in  Link, the Yellow Pages Association newsletter.

“Move over Stephen Covey—the country’s next superstar business guru just may come from the world of Yellow Pages. Barry Maher started out as the number one premise rep in the country for GTE, and he’s been a sales and management consultant to the industry for years. He works with publishers and reps on how to sell more—and with advertisers on how to make their Yellow Pages more effective. He’s succeeded as a sales rep, a sales manager, a VP Sales and a VP Marketing. He’s worked in start-ups and for huge multinationals; for tiny no-tech print publishers and for the highest tech online companies. His book, Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising has been called a bible for advertisers, yet it’s pro-Yellow Pages enough that reps use it as a sales aid, and publishers distribute it as a customer premium. TIME called Maher, ‘The nation’s foremost independent Yellow Pages authority’ and ‘Easily the most respected speaker, consultant and writer on the subject.’ 

“‘Unfortunately,” says Maher, ‘that’s a lot less impressive when you realize that TIME knows absolutely nothing about Yellow Pages advertising. For all they know, Marcel Marceau could be the most respected speaker on the subject.’

“Over the years, without leaving Yellow Pages behind, Maher expanded his consultancy to the general business world. Selling Power magazine declared, ‘To his powerful and famous clients, Barry Maher is simply the best sales trainer in the business.’ Then Maher found that the techniques he used to enable salespeople to sell with integrity and yet ‘sell more, right now, in the account today’ were every bit as effective with the issues managers face—in fact with the problems all of us face in business. That led to his highly-successful Filling the Glass keynote speeches and workshops, and to his new book, Filling the Glass: The Skeptic’s Guide to Positive Thinking in Business. 

        Read the full interview in Link.

Besides management, sales and sales management, Barry Maher consults with publishers on any number of directory publishing issues. His sales training sessions—customized for the needs of each individual publisherrange from one hour motivation and skills keynotes to half day and full day workships, not to mention trainings lasting for multiple days, even weeks.  

Then too, publishers ranging in size from AT&T to tiny independent Cameron Communications have brought him in to conduct his Yellow Pages workshops for advertisers or sponsored him at conventions for various industries that advertise heavily in phone directories. And when you can’t have Barry, his book, Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising is a perfect independent-verification sales aid as well as a premium that’s popular with both publishers and advertisers.