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Newsletter Archives

Bragging about the Negatives: May 2001
When You Can’t Find Perfect People: June, 2001
Reality Check for Meetings: July, 2001
Yellow Pages Star, That’s What I Are: August, 2001
The Seven Essential Popular Business Books: October, 2001
Turning Triumph into Tragedy and Tragedy into Triumph: November, 2001
Senator, Shut Up: January, 2002
Stumbling into Success: February, 2002
Nobody Is Going to Shoot You While They’re Laughing: March, 2002
Fear of Tummy Tucks: April, 2002
Business Is like Sex: May, 2002
How to Kill a Career: June, 2002
11 Simple Management Tips and Three Truths: July, 2002
Thinking Outside the Fad: August, 2002
Positive Thinking: Limits and Possibilities, October, 2002
The Blame Game, November, 2002
Fail Toward Success, December, 2002
Gurus, Questions and 40 Pound Appointment Books, January, 2003
Escaping the Box: Even with Bars on the Windows, February, 2003
The Hawthorne Effect and Low, Lying Fruit, March, 2003
Turning Negatives into Positives, April, 2003
Turning the Job You Have into the Job You Want, May, 2003
Walk the Elephant: Motivating with Humor, June 2003
Motivation and Management in the Weasel-ocracy, July 2003
Selling When You Don’t Have the Best Product on the Market: Motivating Customers and Yourself, August 2003
Death by Overwork: Motivation for Work/Life Balance, September 2003
Business, Bliss and $85 Million Worth of Cat Litter, October, 2003
Motivation and Self Esteem: A Tirade, November, 2003
A Failed Business Model, December, 2003
Success on Your Own Terms: Time, Money, Camels and the Necessity of a Microwave, January, 2004
Subtle Motivation: Selling Your Point of View, February, 2004
Loyalty, Motivation and Work-Life Balance, March, 2004
Motivation Not Included, April, 2004
Security and Other Superstitions: Motivation for Success? May 2004
Motivational Perspectives: Success on What Scale? July, 2004
Visualize This: Motivational Values, August 2004
A Simple Formula for Management Success, September 2004
Selling Your Ideas, Your Vision and Yourself, October 2004
Seven Habits of Highly Defective Managers, November 2004
The Road to Ballyglunnin Can Be the Route to Success in Your Business, December 2004
More Motivating with Humor (and a Sorry Butt), January 2005
Everyone Deals with Rejection: Motivating toward Success, February 2005
Why Do I Charge So Much? Because I Can.” Motivating with Value, Not Price, March 2005
Expert Witness, Expert Credibility, April 2005
Money, Motivation, Success and Who?  May 2005
Speaking of Trust and Customer Service, June 2005
OK, So I Didn’t Get Elected Pope .  .  . Speaking of Motivation by B.S., July 2005
Beware of Coconuts: Motivation and Perspective, August 2005
The Seven Essential Popular Business Books, September 2005
Motivation by Disaster, October 2005
Creating Long-Term Customers You Can’t Kill, November 2005
Sometimes, Virginia, There Certainly Is a Santa Claus: Motivating Future Success, December, 2005
Ruined by Success? Leadership, Motivation and Pollyanna Positive Thinking, January, 2006
The Power of Negative Visualization: So Much for Pollyanna Motivation, February, 2006
Motivating Customers to Speak Out: What If Your Customer Service Was on the Front Page of USA Today, March 2006
Why Leisure Isn’t Working: Speaking of Balance, Renewal, Motivation, April 2006
Switching on Motivation: Speaking of Attitude, May 2006
Infinite To-Do Lists, Overwork and Achievement: Speaking of Motivation, June 2006
Why I’m a Mediocre Rollerblader: Speaking of Success, July 2006
Selling Ourselves on the Negatives, August 2006
Why You’re Not Getting that Raise: Selling Your Ideas and Yourself, September 2006
Belief Sells and Confidence Motivates: Rightly or Wrongly, October 2006
Tiny Facts: Speaking of Black Ice, Negative Motivation and Sacrificing Babies to Get Rain, November 2006
Communication and  Silence, January 2007
Stress: Motivation for Work/Life Balance, February 2007
Allow for Gravity: Selling Yourself, March 2007
Speaking of Perspective: Exploding Supercontinents and J.P. Morgan’s Desk, April 2007
Speaking of Teamwork and Management Greed, May 2007
Communication and Getting What You Deserve, June 2007
Breast Implants, Abraham Lincoln and Impactful Functionality: Communicate to . . . Well, Communicate, July 2007
Failure for Fun and Profit: Speaking of Success? August 2007
How to Live Forever: Speaking of Leadership, Management and Corporate BS, September 2007
One Tenth of One Percent Different, October 2007
Stretch for Success, November 2007
Devils, Wizards and Succeeding at Business, December 2007
Building Expertise: Selling Ideas, Your Vision, Even Yourself, January 2008
Carrots, Sticks, Management and Motivation, February 2008
Selling Yourself Vs Selling Yourself Out, March 2008
The Ultimate Customer Benefit, April 2008
Successful Failure, And Why I Never Dated Brigitte Bardot, May 2008
Succeeding at Business: Selling Socks and Taking Punches, June 2008
Top 10 Signs You Need to Be More Skeptical in Business, July 2008
Balance and Bootstraps: Trick or Treating for Success, August 2008
Leadership, Vision and Motivation, September 2008
Speaking of Failure: Attila the Hun, Hitler, Satan and Me, October 2008
De-Stress for Fun & Profit, November 2008
Sometimes, Virginia, There Certainly Is a Santa Claus, December 2008
Satisfying the Greatest Need, January 2009
Succeeding in a Vacuum? February 2009
Ease the Stress: Tips for Those Who Hate to Sell, March 2009
The Power of Positive Manure: How to Win Friends and Influence Anyone, April 2009
Selling Your Ideas, Your Vision, Yourself, May 2009
Selling Your Personal Brand, June 2009
Brain Surgery and Washing the Car: Work/Life Balance and Leisure, July 2009
Selling Yourself Out Vs the Mahatma Marketplace, August 2009
Exceeding the Limits: Flapping Your Arms Fast Enough to Succeed, September, 2009
Racing to Win? October 2009
Two Things You Already Know, November 2009
Dear Lorie: Thanks for Writing, December 2009
Pursuing Happiness? For Managers and Others, January 2010
Loud and Proud: The Ultimate Sales Trick—for Anyone Who Ever Has to Sell Anything to Anyone, February 2010
Somebody Else’s Dream, March 2010
Letter from the Coach, April 2010
Playing to Win. And Why Not, May 2010
Unforgettable Self Promotion, June 2010
What’s Your Corporate Culture?, August 2010
Successful Quitting: Brigitte Bardot and I, September 2010
A Legacy of Perspective, October 2010
They’re Hiring at the Department of Lip Service, November 2010
Holding Successful Cruise Meetings, March 2011
Getting People to Listen, May 2011
Turning Negatives into Positives, June 2011
Build People Up, July 2011
When Times Get Tough: Enjoy! August 2011
There’s Nothing Wrong with Not Racing to Win, September 2011
It’s Not How Old You Are, It’s How Good You’ve Become, October 2011
Enjoy Your Crisis, November 2011
A Failed Business Model, December 2011
Just a Very, Very Quick Thought on Customer Service, January 2012
Intimidation. And Why Not. February 2012
Intimidation, Part Two: Deliberate Intimidation, March 2012
Seven Lasting Money Lessons from Mom, April 2012
Whose Job Is It Anyway? Whose Responsibility? May 2012
More Tips from the Experts to Improve Work/Life Balance, June 2012
Stop Making These Career Mistakes, July 2012
Surviving Travel Disasters, August 2012
Acing the First 90 Days on the Job, October 2012
Educated and Unemployed, November 2012
Success or Security, February 2013
Climbing the Corporate Ladder, March 2013
Marsha Wright on Money, April 2013
Is Your Credit Score a Joke? May 2013
Revealed: The Three (or Maybe Four) Secrets to Success, June 2013
How to Get on Your Boss’s Good Side (Without Brown Nosing), August 2013
Calming Pre-Interview Jitters, September 2013
Why Should I Keep Trying So Hard: Staying Motivated in Business, October 2013
Want that Promotion? Seven Great Ways to Get It, November 2013
Want to Kill Your Chance of Getting that Great Job? Here’s How. December, 2013
Denial: I Am Not a Bully. Or a Bimbo. January, 2014
Speak Softly and Carry a Big Carrot, February, 2014
Networking Events, Don’t Have to Be Awful. Really, They Don’t. December, 2014
Listen and Learn, February, 2015


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