If You Want Your Expensive Motivational Meeting to Actually Be Motivating . . .

When “nothing seems to motivate our people” maybe that’s because you’re trying to motivate them with nothing real.

When it comes to motivational meetings, I’ve built my business on one, often neglected element; one that’s far more vital than the stirring music, the dramatic lighting and stage sets, the dancing Monopoly figures, the show tunes with funny, customized lyrics. It’s even more important than dressing up the CEO and the VP Sales as the Blues Brothers, so they can conclusively proving to everyone just how un-hip and out of touch they actually are.

And that element?

Whoever is tasked with providing the main motivational content, be it an outside motivational speaker or the COO in that poorly fitting Game of Thrones costume, he or she had better be able to be able to motivate your team while dealing with whatever real world issues they’re currently facing. Ignore the problems which are in everyone’s mind, throw out a steaming pile of “let’s-all-think-happy-thoughts-and-everything-will-be-wonderful” and all the teambuilding exercises and golf tournaments in Las Vegas won’t help you overcome the cynicism you’ve just blown your meeting budget solidifying.

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