Motivation Not Included

By Malcolm Fletcher

This month’s feature article is from Selling Power‘s Incentives Newsletter. It’s by Malcolm Fletcher, based on his interviews with  Barry.

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Letters from Readers

Hello Steve,

I’ve read both of Barry’s books and I love his no-nonsense blend of optimist-realist style. Each newsletter is chockfull of great ideas and I was wondering if I could get his previous newsletters. I belong to his newsletter group (yahoo groups), but can’t access the archive.

If I were given access to the previous newsletter, this would only be for *personal use* and not for publishing anywhere.

Could you help? Thank you!


George Milosevich


Dear George:

Thanks very much for the kind words. Back issues of the newsletters are archived on our website. Simply go to and scroll down the page.

This newsletter and all Barry’s articles are of course copyrighted. If you’d like to use them for anything beyond personal use, simply contact Barry or myself.

Kindest Regards,


Steve Wilson
Barry Maher & Associates


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