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February, 2015    Vol. 15  Issue 1


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 Article: You Can Be Fascinating Without Saying a Word
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Hi Everyone:

Who wouldn’t love to be fascinating? Apparently, it’s far easier than most of us imagine. Thus this month’s article.

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You Can Be Fascinating without Saying a Word

by Barry Maher


I always tell audiences that listening not only can make other people more interesting to you, it can make you more interesting to others. I was doing the keynote speech at a convention a while back, and afterwards, each of the speakers hosted a table at their awards dinner. The woman sitting on my right never stopped talking. Not for a moment. Not even to take a breath. I never got a word in edgewise and never even got to acknowledge the person seated on my left. (The ghost of Osama Ben Laden would have been sitting there naked for all I knew.)

Ten or twelve hours later when the meal finally ended, I crawled up to my hotel room. No sooner did I get there than I decided what I really needed was a visit to the bar for a drink or six.

I went to elevator, pushed the button, the elevator arrived and the doors opened. And who is standing there but the woman, talking (of course) to a companion.

“Oh, hello” she cries, refocusing the flow of words in my direction as she and her friend step off the elevator.

The horror!

Acknowledging her quickly, I jump on the elevator and as the doors start to close, I hear her say to her friend, “You know I had dinner with him tonight and he is most fascinating conversationalist.”

I’d never opened my mouth, the entire dinner.

Nothing makes you more interesting than listening.


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