Brain Surgery and Washing the Car: Work/Life Balance and Leisure

By Barry Maher

With vacation time upon us, here’s a suggestion.

Take one.

Here’s another suggestion. Whether it’s during your vacation or any other time, think about using your leisure time to complement your job, to round out your life with elements that might otherwise be missing.

If you’re a brain surgeon and have to spend all day in the strictest mental concentration, you might find rejuvenation in a strenuous physical workout or even in something as mindless as washing the car. On the other hand, if you work at a car wash, exhausting your body and boring the hell out of your mind, try taking up a hobby that requires intense concentration—though perhaps not brain surgery.

“I work alone,” a magazine writer says. “I often feel isolated. My only hobby was long distance running which made things worse. I would have taken up group sex if I wasn’t so much of a hypochondriac, but I finally settled on joining a tennis club. You meet almost as many people and the locker rooms are cleaner.”

A salesman I know has a daughter with a birth defect. He thought he could help fill his glass by aiding the charity that had done so much for his family and for others in the same situation.

“I figured my selling skills made me the perfect fundraiser,” he said. “But after hearing No after No all day long, getting turned down by potential donors in the evening was just too much. So I switched to the distribution end of the charity. I’m not asking, I’m giving. Everyone’s thrilled to talk to me—and that’s not always the case during the day, believe me.”

Now he can hardly wait to get started in the evening. It’s enhanced his life, his attitude and his selling career.

And if you haven’t planned your vacation yet, maybe it’s time.

© Copyright 2013, Barry Maher, Barry Maher & Associates, Las Vegas, Nevada

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