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Times being what they are, we’ve gotten any number of requests for tips about applying and interviewing for a job. So this month’s article is Time To Step Up, a helpful piece on just that, by David Wilson (no relation to my associate, Steve Wilson).

The one thing I wonder about is David’s comment on shaking hands. “Trickier than you think,” he writes, “technically, your thumb should be pointed directly at the ceiling.”

I have no idea:

  1. Where this came from,
  2. Who instituted this thumbs-up technical requirement,
  3. How it could be accomplished or
  4. Why anyone might want to do it.

Personally the only unusual handshake I’d recommend on a job interview would be the “Super-secret, Ultra-hip, Mickey Mouse Club Handshake and Friend-maker,” and then only if you’re being interviewed by Mickey, or perhaps Donald.

Aside from that, this is an article that’s we’d all do well to read, whether we’re job hunting or not.

And yes, though there may be “no excuse for lousy proofing,” we’ve all suffered the occasional typo. Including of course this newsletter and, as you may note, Mr. Wilson.

You can find Time to Step Up at
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