Climbing the Corporate Ladder

By Barry Maher

A few quick tips for climbing to the top of corporate ladder:

1)  Learn everything you can about every aspect of the company you can.

2)  Learn everything you can about every aspect of the industry you can.

3)  Always act and dress appropriately for the next promotion. Make sure those with the power to promote you start thinking of you as type of person who’d be appropriate for that job.

4)  Hitch your wagon to a star. Find the mentor who’s moving up and help that mentor get wherever it is he or she wants to go.

5)  Do the jobs no one else is willing to do. Demonstrate your capabilities and your capacity to grow. Never miss a chance to learn or to grow but whenever possible avoid “can’t win” situations and situations where you’re set up for failure.

6)  When going for that promotion, be ready to articulate the business case for giving you the job. How are you going to make the company more profitable, save money, increase efficiency or productivity? Okay, you may DESERVE a promotion, but what is promoting you going to do for the company.

7)  Obviously you need to know the benefit to the company in promoting you specifically. But what’s almost as important, you should able to show a benefit to the people who will be making or recommending the promotion. How is giving you that promotion going to advance their interests? In simple terms, if you want them on your side, what’s in it for them?

8)  Be ready with a list of your accomplishment. Not so much to show why you’ve earned a promotion or why you deserve it, but to showcase the abilities you’ll be bringing to the new position. If you can assign a dollar value, showing how much the accomplishments on that list have earned or saved the company, so much the better.

9)  To position yourself for future promotions, during the year send a short note to your boss at the end of each week, just keeping him or her apprised of everything you did during that week. Come evaluation time the boss may well use those notes to help write the evaluation. And at the very least you’ll have all that ammunition when it’s time to talk about that next promotion or raise.

10) Be active in the industry and if possible gain an industry-wide reputation. If it turns out your company doesn’t appreciate you, maybe another company will.

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