Filling The Glass: The Book

Not Whether the Glass is Half-Empty or Half Full . . .

It’s How You Fill It Up.



“One of the few must-read books of the year.”
~ Jerry Colangelo, CEO Phoenix Suns

“An essential business book.”
~ American Airlines’ American Way

“[One of] the best books of the year.”
~ CEO Refresher

“Terrific … may be the most honest author I have ever read.”
~ Al Ries, Co-Author: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

“Everyone should read this book!”
~ Dave Sherbert, WGRY

“A truly great book!”
~ Don Pace, KNMX-AM

“So much the best of the breed that it’s in a class by itself”
~ Corporate Logo Magazine

“Maher is a brilliant and creative writer and is the perfect ally for the business person overwhelmed with the challenges of the corporate world.”
~ Houston Business Review

“A must read for anyone interested in being all they can be in their career”
~ Stephen Hadley, DCR

If you can’t justify to yourself what you are doing with your life, if you aren’t working toward goals in which you honestly believe, then you will never be—by your own standards—successful. For many of us, there is a disconnect between what we believe we should be doing in our careers and our lives, and what we actually find ourselves doing.

In Filling the Glass, author and speaker Barry Maher provides ten strategies to overcome that disconnect, helping you to turn the job (and life) you have into the job (and life) you want—so that you never have to settle for half full or half empty again.

Maher is quick to separate himself from the “let’s all think happy thoughts and everything will be fine camp: “Positive thinking that isn’t firmly rooted on reality shouldn’t be called thinking at all.It’s nothing but Pollyannaism—pixie dust . . . Pollyanna positive thinking strategies often make the problem worse.You want to be positive so you try and block out the negatives.Unfortunately, reality has a nasty way of refusing to stay

Maher’s realistic strategies include:

► Bring Out the Prospect in Yourself: Sell yourself out, and you may find that nobody—yourself included – is buying

► Brag about the Negatives: Turn your biggest liabilities into your strongest assets.

► Put Your Values to Work for You: Who you are is your decision, not your

► Be Your Own Guru: The most important decisions take place when Stephen Covey or Tony Robbins can’t be with you.

► Fail toward Success: Make new and better—and more valuable—mistakes.

► Fail toward Success: Make new and better—and more valuable—mistakes.

► Change the Scale: Size may count, but it’s not how big it is, it’s how big
it seems.

►Never Settle for Success: Keep your goals from keeping you down.

From his early days as a world-class salesperson, Barry Maher has become a highly successful speaker, author, trainer and consultant whose client list includes organizations like ABC, the American Bar Association, the American Management Association, AT&T, Blue Cross, Budget Rent a Car, Infiniti Automotive, Johnson & Johnson, Lufthansa Airlines, Merck, the Small Business Administration and Verizon.

He’s appeared on the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CNBC and is frequently featured in publications like USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Business Week.

His other books range from No Lie: Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Tool, to The Prentice Hall Marketing Yearbook to Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages
to the fantasy cult novel, Legend.

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