Filling the Glass: The Workshop

The techniques Barry Maher originally developed to enable salespeople to sell with integrity and yet “sell more, right now, in the account today” are every bit as effective with the issues all business people face. 

      The strategies of Filling the Glass are designed to do more than help non-salespeople to sell their products, their ideas and themselves.

These strategies can help anyone:

Achieve peak performance for realizing their dreams—without sacrificing their personal integrity;
Take control of their own accomplishments and their own destiny;
Motivate themselves and those around them;
Come to terms with the negatives in their life;             
Gain perspective and match their life to their values;
Relate to others with increased empathy;
Overcome adversity—capturing the value in every failure as well as every success.

       Many of the strategies are novel, some even counter-intuitive (Brag about the negatives!?!). A few will sound familiar, reflecting things you may already believe to be true, but probably haven’t gotten around to making a part of your life. 

The Strategies                                              

       Make Peace with the Negatives. Every situation has its negatives, and you can make them work for you.  

       Fill the Glass. Attitude is important. But reality rules. 

       Become Your Own Guru. You’re your own best guide. The most important decisions take place when Steven Covey can’t be with you. 

       Add Water. Far too often we keep our strongest selling points hidden. This segment includes tactics for presenting your ideas, your projects and proposals, and ultimately, yourself.

       Bring out the Prospect in Yourself. Looking inside and looking outside: includes tactics for empathy and understanding.

       Become an Expert Witness. Let the other side make their points, and help you make yours.

       Fail towards Success. Tactics for becoming a master craftsman— a master craftsman being someone who’s already made every possible mistake.

       Brag about the Negatives. Make your biggest liabilities your strongest assets.

       Change the Scale to Make the Sale. Size may count, but it’s not how big it is, it’s how big it seems.

       Never Settle for Success. Keeping your goals from keeping you down: including tactics for making the journey even  more enjoyable than the destination.  

        All the strategies, all the tactics, all the tips have been tested time after time against the realities of the business world. They work.


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