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"One of the Most Highly-Rated Keynote Speakers, Workshop Leaders and Trainers in the Country."

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"Filling the Glass" by Barry Maher

"[One of] The 7 Essential Popular Business Books"
Today's Librarian

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Barry Maher

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Motivational Speakers Are Not Enough.

"[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books"Filling the Glass: The Skeptic's Guide to Positive Thinking in Business

"[One of ] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books"      
Today's Librarian

"Eternal truths, or the next best thing."
   The San Francisco Chronicle


"Barry Maher doesn't agonize over whether the glass is half-full or half-empty, his stated mission with this book is to tell us how to fill the other half of the glass. He does this with wit and humor, and a spoken style that makes the reader feel right there listening to him and enjoying the laughter at his jokes. Not for him the messianic zeal of the human resource engineers; his preference is for the skeptical approach, a good hard look at the downside before figuring out how to get to where you want to be. And how to do it with integrity."
  Ian Bullock, The CEO Refresher

"It's so enjoyable I didn't want it to end . . . fun, informative and slyly educational."
—Bob Guatelli, Intelenet America

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 No Lie: Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Tool
No Lie: Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Tool

"A bestseller waiting to be discovered."
      Selling Power magazine

An indispensable tool for every salespersonand persuader . . . [A] great sales book"
—Michael Cloud, Free Market News Network

"Really enjoyed [Barry's] presentation
but I am 100% hooked on No Lie: Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Tool"
       Dale Gietzen, Division Manager, Heartland Payment Systems

"What [this must-read] book did for me was to enable me to sell, to sell stronglybut most importantly to sell with complete integrity . . . Maher even shows a powerful way to close on the first appointment while being totally and audaciously truthful."
       Roy Soliman

Instantly overcome any objection

Close more deals in less time

Make more money now

Create lasting client relationships

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Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages AdvertisingGetting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising: Maximum Profits at Minimum Cost

"Barry Maher has helped thousands of businesses get the most cost effective Yellow Pages advertising possible. Easily the most respected consultant, speaker and writer on the subject."

      The completely updated 2006 edition of Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising is packed with money-saving and money-making ideas, all based on the latest research. Maher provides expert answers to all the questions Yellow Pages advertisers ask—and  to those they never ask but should. 



How much should I be spending?


What kind of ads should I have?


How big should those ads be?


What headings should I be under?


What directories (print and  Internet) should I be advertising in?

      How important is ad placement? What about color? How can I make cheaper ads work for me? I can I be sure my Yellow Pages ads are working?

      Plus Maher provides with a complete step by step program for developing ads that get the call—even when surrounded by page after page of ads all selling the same thing.

  "An indispensable guide for any Yellow Pages advertiser . . . Achieve maximum results with minimum expense."
American Management Association

"[Packed] with cost cutting tips . . . a super resource, the bible of Yellow Pages advertising"
__Save Your Business a Bundle: 202 Ways to Cut Costs and Boost Profits Now by Daniel Kehrer, Simon & Schuster

More Testimonials for Barry Maher's Yellow Pages Expertise

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Legend: A Novel


"Excellent . . . destined to be a classic."

"A story to be savored and remembered, a find to be treasured."

The highly-acclaimed science fiction/fantasy novel.

"Legend has been compared to such science-fiction masterpieces as Dune and The Postman.  As a novel, Legend is impossible to put down. But its story is much more than a compelling adventure. On a deeper level, it’s an epic about the mental bondage in which human beings live and the struggle to overcome it."

The story takes place in a decaying city of the future, a city that is in the process of devouring itself. The heroes—a young man and woman—escape their rough lives on the streets only to be trapped between a parasitic government and an insane satanic netherworld. The only way for the young woman to triumph is to penetrate what cannot be penetrated. The only way for the young man to survive is to become a god.


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Other books by Barry Maher

The Prentice Hall Marketing Yearbook




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Motivational Speakers Are Not Enough.

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